Ellannah Sadkin BIO

Ella Sadkin is a 26-year old london based artist who works primarily with acrylic and graffiti pens to produce colourful and abstract works. 

With its hard black lines, bright flat colour and organic and geometric shapes, her style is often described as surrealist cartooning. 
Sadkin was a child of the nineties and a huge cartoon fan, and cites early drawing of The Simpson's characters as her first foray into cartooning. 

As an adolescent growing up in New York Sadkin was heavily influenced by the vibrant street graffiti scene. This later inspired her approach to composition, with large canvas pieces resembling graffiti murals in their layer-upon-layer approach. 
Sadkin is a self-taught artist and lists Kaws as influential. Her appropriation of cartoon aesthetics has been described as "Ren and Stimpy on acid meets Takashi Murakami".